The Health and Wellness Benefits of Camping

The Health & Wellness Benefits of Camping

Everyone knows the overall benefits of just getting out of the house. Enjoying the outdoors, however, may have more long-term benefits to your health and wellbeing than you realize. Being one with nature could help you live a long and healthier life.

The most common reason families or individuals pack it up and head for the campgrounds is their desire to escape, to get away from all the stress and spend time with family and friends or be one with nature.

Whatever your reason, knowing these additional benefits to your health will make your camping experience all the better.


A Breath of Fresh Air

The power of one tree is extraordinary. Whether you’re camping in the forest or beach, you’re going to experience a rush of fresh oxygen. The first rush of fresh air when you first arrive does more for you than you may realize. This rush releases serotonin, the happiness hormone, which supports the reduction of stress. So as soon as you step out or roll down the windows to freedom, you’re already starting your journey to a healthy life.

Over time you can see the added benefits of fresh air after a few days of being outside. Benefits include improved blood pressure, digestion, and a boosted immune system. The sunlight can even out melatonin levels, which help with sleep and even decrease insomnia.


Escape from Technology

With devices overruling our everyday lives, quality sleep, relationships, time management, and stress levels are the ones to suffer. Leaving behind devices and becoming one with nature gives us the space for reflection and your consciousness to finally refresh itself.


Camping doesn’t necessarily have to be physically strenuous. But in our desired locations to camp, there are plenty of physical activities you can do that are fun and reenergizing. Swimming, hiking, building a fire, or even grilling are all types of activities you can enjoy while being outdoors. Even fishing is better than sitting at an office or couch.

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